~Holistic Esthetician  ~ Skin Nutritionist  

~Eyelash Extension Artist   ~Holistic Health Coach

Having spent 20 years in the fitness and beauty industries and as a licensed Esthetician since 2007, I understand the positive and negative effects one's nutrition, lifestyle and environment can have on skin quality and overall health.  Aligning myself with Laurel Whole Plant Organic Skincare has provided me with the knowledge, products, philosophy and experience to educate and share this passion with others.

My Organic, Custom Facials include a hand-crafted massage technique, lymphatic flow, Gua Sha and Laurel Whole Plant Organic Skincare products to restore skin's function and balance the body's energy levels. Providing whole body restoration that will continue to be felt and seen for days after including glowing healthy skin and a feeling of well-being.

Release Toxins - gua sha breaks down stagnation and releases toxins.
Lymphatic Function - One of the biggest health benefits of gua sha is how effective it can be to getting lymphs moving. There are a number of health benefits to getting the lymphs to circulate freely, including healthier skin and immune system. 
Puffiness - one reason for puffiness in the face is fluid retention, caused by poor lymphatic function. Correcting this is key to reducing puffiness while rejuvenating skin cells and helping the skin to feel refreshed. In other words, this is one of the pathways to a healthier glow.
Reduces Inflammation - Inflammation is caused by a poor diet, too much alcohol, illness, and the one thing that makes it hard to reduce inflammation, lack of movement. This is why many people have puffy eyes in the morning. With gentle pressure, in the correct directions, facial gua sha encourage the lymphatic fluid to move along its pathways and drain into the body. 
Toning- Because of the increased circulation, the skin will be brighter and more toned.
Reduces Wrinkles - Gua Sha reduces wrinkles when the lymphs are moved, circulation is increased, and the underlying tissue is smoothed.
Eases Facial Muscle Tension - I liken this to a natural alternative to botox.How to Do a Gua Sha Facial

In addition to my skincare passion, I've been a Master Eyelash Artist for 4 1/2 years. I received hands-on individual eyelash application training and certification in Carlsbad, CA. I take time and care with your lash extensions to ensure and maintain the integrity of your natural lashes. With a healing touch and an atmosphere of peace and wellness you'll receive true eyelash therapy.

Because of my passion for nutrition, health and wellness, I received my Holistic Health Coach Certification in 2016 and Gut Health Certification in 2018 through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I offer an organic prescription to good health, inside and out ​with a nurturing, workable nutrition and wellness program to benefit mind, body and SKIN.

Lucinda Lattimer

 What's in my 

My family and my relationships with those near and dear to me is what I thrive on. But helping others, being kind, sunshine, nature, the mountains, the ocean, clean living, organic, fresh from the tree/garden whole foods, Vinyasa Yoga, meditation and running feed my soul. Slowing my life down, embracing where I am is where I'm supposed to be and to absorb the beauty around me is what I strive for.  My motto? Be a SMILE Millionaire!